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African Archaeology Research Day



History of AARD

The first African Archaeology Research Day on ‘Research Africa’s Past, New Contributions from British Archaeologists’ was held in Oxford in 2002 organised by Peter Mitchell, Anne Haour and John Hobart. The meetings are informal and are aimed at encouraging both undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as established academics, to present their research. They include plenty of time for informal discussion.

Since 2002, the conference has been led by various academics in the field, at different venues across the country:

2002 Oxford (Peter Mitchell, Anne Haour and John Hobart)
2003 No meeting
2004 UCL (Kevin MacDonald and Andrew Reid)
2005 No meeting
2006 Oxford (Peter Mitchell and Kat Manning)
2007 Manchester (Tim Insoll, Tim Clack and Sarah Croucher)
2008 York (Paul Lane)
2009 Liverpool (Larry Barham and Laura Bishop)
2010 Cambridge (Rob Foley and Marta Lahr)
2011 UCL (Kevin MacDonald, Sirio Canos Donnay, and Nick Gestrich)
2012 Southampton (Laura Basell and James Cole)




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