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Current Doctoral Research Students 


Alice Christophe (MA Ecole du Louvre, Paris)

Exhibiting Connections, Connecting Exhibitions: Toward a Redefinition of Pacific Networks.

Joyce Dartey (MA University of East Anglia)

Investigating ancient occupation at Zoboku, a Koma site of Northern Ghana.

Heather Donoghue (MA University of East Anglia)

Material Biographies: Agency, Identity and Meanings in the Collections from the Cooke Daniels Ethnographical Expedition to British New Guinea 1903-4.

Catherine Elliott (MA University College London, MA University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg)

Recovering the Indigenous Presence from the Colonial Archive: the South Africa Collection at the British Museum.

Asma'u Ahmed Giade (MA Ahmadu Bello University, ZARIA, Nigeria)

An archaeological investigation of Guddiri landscape, northern Nigeria.

James Green (MA School of Oriental and African Studies, SOAS)

Understanding 'The Other' through Chokwe Sculpture: the legacy of European trade in Central West Africa.

Craig Halliday (MA African Studies, SOAS).

Culture and democratisation in Kenya: the visual arts in Nairobi since 1980.

Rosalie Hans (MA University College London)

Emerging Models in Contemporary African Museums.

Katrina Igglesden (MPhil University of Cambridge)

Traditionally contemporary?: the transformation of meaning, use and significance of Fijian barkcloth, 1800 to present.

Shiura Jaufar ( MA Archaeology, Ancient Egypt, Ancient India and Near East, Durham University)

An Archaeological Study of the Maldive Islands: Investigating the Islamic Period Settlement.

Nadia Khalaf (MSc University of Leicester)

A field survey and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) based investigation of the archaeology in the Niger River Valley, Republic of Benin.

Lisa McDonald (MA University of Melbourne)

Contemporary art of Vanuatu: contexts, creativity, forms and markets.

Cléa Moulin ( MA in Archaeology, University of Lund (Sweden)

Exploring the Chronological and Social Occupation of Tambo Colorado, Pisco Valley, Peru.

Rachael Murphy (MA University of East Anglia)

Indigenous Australia in the UK.

Giulia Nazarro (MA Sainsbury Research Unit)

What does lesbian photography do? An ethnographic inquiry into the construction of photography, genders and sexualities among lesbian and queer communities of New York City from the 1970s until the present.

Rebekah Sheppard (MA Sainsbury Research Unit)

Images of the Congo in the early twentieth century: the Emil Torday Collection and the material basis of colonialism.

Caroline van Santen (MA University of Leicester)

Dutch visitors on Nuku Hiva, 1825: a contact history and material culture study.

Desiree Wisse (MA University of Leiden)

Collecting Trobriand - The Dr G J M Gerrits collection in context.


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