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Faculty & Staff

Academic Faculty

Aristóteles Barcelos Neto, Lecturer (Ph.D. Univ. de São Paulo). Anthropology of South American Indians. Anthropology of art. Ritual and cosmology.

Anne Haour, Reader (D.Phil. Oxford).  Africa. Archaeology.

Steven J. Hooper, Director, Professor (Ph.D. Cambridge).  Pacific region, North America, social anthropology, arts.

Karen Jacobs, Lecturer (Ph.D. SRU/UEA). Oceania, New Guinea.

George F. Lau, Reader (Ph.D. Yale).  Arts and archaeology of the Americas, especially South America and Central Andes.

John Mack, Professor (D.Phil. Oxford).  Arts of Africa, world art studies, visual culture and cultural heritage. 


Fiona Savage, 25th Anniversary Post Doctoral Fellow, West Africa.

Annalisa Christie, Cowrie Shells: An Early Global Commodity Project: Postdoctoral Researcher

Project Staff

Florence Reynolds, Editorial Assistant, Crossroads of Empires

Research Associates

Sonja Magnavita, Research Associate (Ph.D Goethe Universitat Frankfurt) African Archaeology.

Sam Nixon, Research Associate, African Archaeology.
Ludovic Coupaye, Research Associate, Pacific region.

Sir James Mellon, Research Associate. Africa region.

Andy Mills, Research Associate. (Ph.D UEA) Pacific region.

Carlos Rengifo, Research Associate. (Ph.D UEA) Moche, South America.

Philip Evans, Research Associate. (Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners RCGP) Pacific region.

Library Staff

Jeremy Bartholomew, Assistant Librarian
Patricia Hewitt, Librarian & Research Services Manager

Laura Armstrong, Library Assistant

Administrative Staff

Lynne Crossland, Administrative Officer

Lisa Farrington, Academic Secretary, Admissions, P.A. to Director

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