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Light, water & colours

in the Americas

- An SRU workshop -


09.30-10.00   Penny Dransart and George Lau

Welcome and introduction

10.00-10.30   Elizabeth Baquedano

"The colour of the Lord of the Underworld in codices of Highland Central Mexico"

10.30-11.00  Colin McEwan and Ann Peters

"Hairy issues: serpents, hair, blood and water on the South Coast"

11.00-11.20  Tea and coffee

11.20-11.50  Ann Peters

"Social relationships and colour relationships in a foggy desert: Evidence from tombs at Paracas and Ocucaje, 150 BC – AD 250" 

11.50-12.20  Nicholas Saunders

"Sacred moisture in the Americas"

12.20-12.50  Warwick Bray


12.50-14.20  Lunch

14.20-14.50  Gary Urton

"Archives of colors: khipu and k’uychi"

14.50-15.20  Penelope Dransart

Title TBA

15.20-15.40  Tea and coffee

15.40-16.10  Barbara Saunders

"What can be said about the 'Colour Terms' of the Kwakwaka'wakw?"

16.10-[end]  Denise Arnold  


Closing remarks (organisers)






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